Pomegranate apple

Pomegranate apple - With a new method we have been developing during the last 3 years with the latest technology, we obtain a pomegranate juice without seeds. This Pomegranate Concentrate is specially indicated for drinks in dilution indication of 1:3 to obtain a final beverage with 13º Brix. Amongst the various applications that the Pomegranate Juice Concentrate has, we should highlight fruit drinks, food industrial applications, confectionery, dairy products, ice creams, soft drinks, prepared meals, jams and syrups. Recent studies have proven the antioxidant properties of this fruit. Therefore, both pure pomegranate juice and Pomegranate Concentrate blended with other fruit juices are ideal. If Pomegranate Concentrate is added to other juice concentrates, it will improve the properties of the juice or drink which results, due to its medicinal properties.